Various Where's Waldo? Film adaptations

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There have been various attempts at an film adaptation of Where's Waldo? (Known as Where's Wally in the UK), however only three adaptations are known to exist, two of them known to be cancelled.

Nickelodeon Movies and Paramount Pictures

Concept art by Barry E. Jackson

A live-action Where's Waldo? film was in development by Nickelodeon Movies and Paramount Pictures since November 2002 with Alan Riche and Tony Ludwig as the producers, John Schultz as the director and Adam Cooper and Bill Collage as the Screenwriters, the movie was slated to release sometime in in 2005 or 2006, but was cancelled in 2004 due to the regime of Paramount changing in the same year.


Waldo, his dog Woof and his nemesis Oddlaw, stumble upon an invention that catapults them from place to place.[1]


  • Filming would have begun in 2004.
  • The casting for the film wasn't done. However, Bill Collage said that he had ideas of casting Ashton Kutcher or Jimmy Fallon as the role of Waldo.[2]

Universal Pictures and Illumination Entertainment

In June 2009, Illumination Entertainment acquired the rights to turn Where's Waldo? into a live-action family film with Classic Media's Eric Ellenbogen as the executive producer.[3] But, the film was also cancelled.


The last known Where's Waldo? film adaptation was announced in November 2011 by MGM and Classic Media. MGM’s Vice President Cassidy Lange stated that production was set to oversee the project for the studio with Ellenbogen and Handford’s business partner Mike Gornall serving as Executive Producers.[4] The last update given to these films was on March 9, 2016, Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg were in talks with MGM to produce the film with their producing partner James Weaver while Kyle Hunter and Ariel Shaffir will write the film, under their Point Grey Pictures banner.[5] As of now, it's unknown if the film is still in development or cancelled. Given that in 2019, DreamWorks Animation (The owners of Classic Media's Library, including Where's Waldo?) released a TV Show on Universal Kids.