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I am the founder of the Miraheze fork of Cancelled Movies Wiki.

More info is available here.

Why did I fork Cancelled Movies Wiki?


  1. Wikia going SJW. If you don't know what "SJW" is, it's a term for "social justice warrior". In a nutshell, they are "anti-racists" that are actually racists.
  2. Wikia's censorship policies. Many of these were forced upon by their advertisers.
  3. Wikia's removal of many good features. Many removed features were: the chat, MonoBook and wiki messages (why???).
  4. Wikia is obsolete. Wikia runs MediaWiki 1.19.24 or 1.33.3, both of which are end-of-life. Miraheze runs the latest version of MediaWiki (currently 1.41.0 (5498056))
  5. Corruption in Wikia's staff. They closed so many good wikis for invalid reasons (like mh:awesomegames:Awesome Games Wiki for "supporting GamerGate" and Uncyclopedia for "not being family-friendly").
  6. Not everyone wants to contribute on Wikia. Many Qualitipedia users don't want to edit on Wikia.
    • Speaking of closing wikis, I created this fork as a backup just in case the Wikia version gets closed.

I got the XML from Wikia, I'm currently waiting for Miraheze to import it to this wiki.