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Warner Bros. originally had more movies planned for The Lego Movie universe. Aside from The Billion Brick Race, none of the sequels were given a name.


The premise of the sequels are unknown.

Why They Were Cancelled

  1. The Lego Ninjago Movie and The Lego Movie 2: The Second Part, despite receiving positive reviews (with the exception of the former, which received mixed reviews), underperformed at the box office compared to their predecessors.
  2. Warner Bros. ended their movie deal with Lego after half a decade of releasing four films.


  • After Warner Bros. parted ways with The Lego Group from making theatrical films with them (though they are still working together with making video games and some direct-to-video productions), Universal Pictures acquired the theatrical film rights to Lego and will be making a different Lego Movie universe that is unconnected to the Warner Bros. one.
  • Both The Billion Brick Race and The Lego Batman Movie 2 were permanently cancelled as a result of Warner Bros. giving up the film rights for Lego.
  • Unikitty ended after its third season in August 27, 2020, with a two-part series finale "The Birthday to End All Birthdays", thus concluding the Warner Bros. era of The Lego Movie franchise.


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