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NOTE: This is an unofficial-fanon page.

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The Official TV series logo

In 2003, after the cancellation of the show, Sami Al-Khars and Al-Nazaer announced the film that is going to be produced by New Line Cinema which is announced in January of 2003, it is a Kuwait-American animated film which the director Christopher Nolan joined the film project as of yet, when Page Kennedy wanted to voice as Azzouz when they wanted to voice for Abboud, Hammoud, Honey and Saloom therefore which it is supposed to be released in November 23, 2005.


Saloom felt strange when he woke up to the street of Block 13, he met his friends Abboud (who hates his sister), Hammoud, Azzouz and Honey when they go on straight adventure, the schools especially the two main teachers and the students made peaceful friends with them, as of that, their adventures meets the straight of shenanigans.

Why It Was Cancelled

  • The show was cancelled in 2002.
  • The actor Page Kennedy got fired in November 2005.
  • Warner Bros Family Entertainment got shut down in 2009.
  • Al-Nazaer and the creator of Block 13 Sami Al-Khars refused to finish up the film after their project was done.
  • however unlike the original show, which was adult-oriented, this show is meant for families and children of all ages and besides also, the film was considered too dark for children and families of all ages.
  • Kangaroo Jack was universally panned by critics and audiences.


  • The film was permanently abandoned and shelved in December 2005 by Al-Nazaer.
  • In 2006, Warner Bros made the direct-to-DVD Christmas called Bah, Humduck! A Looney Tunes Christmas which is a Christmas movie instead.