Toy Story 2 (direct-to-video version)

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This was going to be the original Toy Story 2 before Disney executives reviewed it.


The plot was similar to that of the original film, but with notable differences.

Why it was Cancelled

  • In November of 1997, during a showing of the story reels to Disney executives, they were so pleased with the results they requested Pixar to expand the story and make it into a 90 minute theatrical release.


  • The original version was canceled.
  • The final version of Toy Story 2 was released in 1999.
  • The original script can be found on the Raindance website.


  • Bullseye could speak in this version, even Martin Short had been planned to express it, in the final version, Bullseye does not speak.
  • Jessie did not exist in the original version, instead, there was a character called "Miss (Seniortia) Cactus" who was an antagonist with the prospector.