Toy Story (Original Version)

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The original version of Toy Story was written by John Lasseter, Andrew Stanton, and Pete Docter.


The plot is different from the original film. According to Pixar, Woody was supposed to be the main villain abusing the other toys, including the newly-arrived Buzz Lightyear, until they rallied against him for disposing Buzz, similar to the infamous Black Friday reel,

Why It Was Cancelled

  1. Pixar didn't like the script and test audiences didn't like it either.
  2. The version that was made at the time would not be appropriate for minors.
  3. Pixar considered it dark.


  • The original version was permanently cancelled .
  • A video of the Black Friday Reel was uploaded, and many fans were shocked at the portrayal of Woody in it.
  • Disney and Pixar released the current version which was released in 1995.
  • Although the original film has been discarded, the only scene that is available for viewing is the scene where Woody discards Buzz through the window, otherwise known as the Black Friday Reel.