The Secret of NIMH 3

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Note: Please, do not add "Actors Dom DeLuise, Arthur Malet and Meshach Taylor are deceased", because the sequel came out before their deaths.

The Secret of NIMH 3 was a planned third film in The Secret of NIMH franchise. Timmy to the Rescue was to be the second installment of a Secret of NIMH trilogy. The third film would have taken elements from the third book R-T, Margaret, and the Rats of NIMH. The official title for the film is currently unknown.


The story would have taken elements from the third book R-T, Margaret, and the Rats of NIMH in which Timmy and friends help two human children named Margaret and Artie.


  • Ralph Macchio as Timmy Brisby
  • Hynden Walch as Jenny McBride
  • Dom DeLuise as Jeremy
  • Meshach Taylor as Cecil
  • Unknown as Margaret
  • Unknown as Artie

Why It Was Cancelled

  1. The plans for the third film were cancelled due to the negative reception of Timmy to the Rescue.
  2. MGM Animation closed their studio when founders Paul Sabella and Jonathan Dern left to make SD Entertainment.


  • The sequel was permanently cancelled.
  • In 2015, MGM had re-acquired the rights to produce a new film based on the original novel Mrs. Frisby and the Rats of NIMH, and is planned as a CGI/live-action hybrid to the novel. The film will be produced by the team of Daniel Bobker and Ehren Kruger. The screenplay was written by Ice Age series writer Michael Berg and will be James Madigan's directorial debut.


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