The Next Muppet Movie

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The Next Muppet Movie (also known as When Muppets Attack) is a cancelled Muppet movie that was written by Brian Lynch and was to be developed after Muppets From Space.


A Hollywood producer named Mick, tricks the Muppets into their own solo careers. Gonzo became the next James Bond, Animal became a rapper, and Miss Piggy got her own talk show. The film would've have celebrity cameos, and parodies.

Why It Was Cancelled

  1. There is currently unknown information on why it was cancelled. It could be because of the backlash Muppets From Space had received from critics and fans of the franchise.


  • The Muppets would go on a hiatus for 12 years to appear in several made for TV movies. Another theatrical Muppet movie wouldn't be released until The Muppets in 2011.
  • The Next Muppet Movie was cancelled.