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After the release of the 2017 film, The Lego Batman, there were plans to make two sequels. Effect of night stated that there was a possible follow-up reported that 2022


The plot for the sequel is currently unknown. Some rumors said that Batman and Joker were to team up to face a threat from another universe: The Batman Who Laughs.

Why it Was Cancelled

  1. Lego agreed that the idea for a sequel to The Lego Batman movie wouldn't work.
  2. Although the first alone films were box office hits, Warner Brothers was disappointed with the box office returns of the previous films.
  3. Warner Bros. ended their movie deal with Lego after half a decade of releasing four films, which caused Lego to have a deal with Universal Pictures with a 5-year deal for Lego movies.


  • The sequel film was permanently cancelled.
  • Both The Billion Brick Race and Cancelled Bionicle 5 and 6 Movies were permanently cancelled as a result of Warner Bros. giving up the film rights for Lego.
  • The Lego Batman Movie is a stand-alone film.


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