The Eric Show: The Movie (original version of Eric Animations)

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The Eric Show: The Movie is the name that refers to the original version of the cancelled film Eric Animations, which was based on MicAnimateFive and Julian Baidet (TheGreenSwagGuy)'s versions of the Vyond (formerly GoAnimate) web series The Eric Show.


In January 2017, a YouTuber named Henry Norton (nicknamed Cheryl Norton) uploaded three parts of his version of the film on his YouTube channel, which were released on the 24th, 30th, and 31st respectively. According to the first part, the film would have supposedly involved Warner Bros. and Paramount, as well as GoAnimate Pictures, GoAnimate Studios, and GoAnimate Network. After Stephan Swaby joined and then took over production, the original version of the film was abandoned with a different version of the film created by Stephan Swaby with a different plot, new characters, and a new development team, as well as the film being retitled Eric Animations. Norton continued to serve as a co-director of the film until he left production sometime in July 2017 to continue his work for the Taylor's Crystal Universe All Stars (formerly Taylor's Series Saga) franchise.


According to the third part of the original version of the film, it would've likely been about Eric and his friends saving the world from a horrendous SMPTE color bars experiment created by a fictionalized Rick Perry.

Why It Was Cancelled

  1. Apparently, the development team of the film, including Stephan Swaby, were not satisfied with this version due to some copied elements from the 2003 film The Cat in the Hat and VeggieTales, some of the ideas and plot points being ridiculous or not making any sense, and some grammar issues with the dialogue, so they canceled it and decided to work on a different version with a new script and multiple name changes to the film (with the final name being Eric Animations), but the final version and the entire film in general were also cancelled due to story problems, production troubles, some controversies surrounding some of the development team (mainly Stephan Swaby), and lack of interest in the film (due to many of the team leaving for different projects).


  • The original version was permanently cancelled and replaced with Stephan's version of the film known as Eric Animations. However, due to many problems with production and the film in general, Stephan's version, as well as the film in general were also cancelled. Moreover, Everyone else went to other projects (with some occasional Collaborations featuring others who worked with the planned film).
  • Norton went on to continue his work for the Taylor's Crystal Universe All Stars franchise until he retired from the franchise in late August 2020.
  • Despite this version of the film being cancelled (along with everything else), all three parts of it are still up and Stephan Swaby reuploaded all three parts of the film as test footage.


  • In Part 1 of the original version of the film, the film open in a similar fashion with the 2003 film ''The Cat in the Hat with the same opening theme as the film, although the background is in the same color as Eric's hoodie.
  • In Part 2, the film has a segment titled "Sing-along Songs with Bennett and Rosie", a parody of "Silly Songs with Larry" from VeggieTales, where two characters from the GoAnimate theme Cartoon Classics named Bennett and Rosie sing The Fairly Oddparents theme song.



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