Space Jam 2 (original version)

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After the success of Space Jam in 1996, a sequel called Space Jam 2 was being planned by Warner Bros. in 1997, with the return of Joe Pykta as director of the sequel and Spike Brandt and Tony Cervone as animation supervisors.


The Looney Tunes would face a new villain named Berserk-O! in a new Basketball competition.

Why It Was Cancelled

  1. Michael Jordan did not agree to participate and star in the sequel.
  2. According to Bob Camp, a producer lied to design artists saying that Michael Jordan signed on to keep development going.


  • The original version was permanently cancelled.
  • Space Jam: A New Legacy (originally titled Space Jam 2) will premiere in theaters on July 16, 2021 and LeBron James will be replacing Michael Jordan as the lead human role. It is currently unknown if Michael Jordan will be in the film.


Image Description
Sketches of the sequel's villain Berserk-O! and one of his henchmen, O!-No, drawn by Bob Camp.