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My Peoples was a planned Disney film in 2003.[1]


A ghost and three children want to bring a pair of lovers from two opposing families in 1940's Appalachia.


  • Dolly Parton as Angel
  • Charles Durning as Old Man McGee 
  • Mike Snider as Good O'Boy 
  • Travis Tritt as Elgin Harper 
  • Ashley Judd as Rose McGee 
  • Lou Rawls as Blues Man
  • Lily Tomlin as Miss Spinster 
  • Hal Holbrook as Abe 
  • Jean Smart as the Mcgee's neighbor Arvilla Tugthistle.
  • Diedrich Bader as Herbert Hollingshed
  • James Carville as Crazy Ray
  • Billy Connolly as Angel's Dog


Many people were hired to make the soundtrack for My Peoples, but its cancellation only lead to one released song in a storyboard, titled Tender Hearts. The song was to be in the prologue scene where it explains the story of the Harpers and the McGees.

The song explains that in 1811, the Harpers and the McGees lived next door to each other until one day an unknown event happened (though it's implied that a pig was either stolen or there was a misunderstanding involving a pig) that caused the two old men of the respective families to fight, leading both families to fight verbally and physically. Until, a girl from the Harper family and a boy from the McGee family fell in love with each other. The two would meet up together, showing one scene where the girl gives the boy a chicken, while the boy gives the girl a hammer.

The next day, the McGees' new chicken laid a blue egg, that the family immediately assumed was a curse put on the family by the Harpers. The old man of the McGee clan berates the boy. However, the two continue to see each other and he even proposes to the Harper girl, believing the curse to be a "silly superstition," until lightning struck a tree, causing the couple to run off until they were grabbed by a branch and presumably eaten by the storm, vanishing. The animatic and song end with Old Man McGee looking at the blue egg shells, sadly staring out the window of his home, where the tree has been split into two by the lightning.


Bluegrass musician Ricky Skaggs was hired as music consultant and together with Marty Stuart and Hank Williams III to compose the film's songs. Barry Cook also wanted fiddler Mark O'Connor to provide some music, but never got the chance to ask him.

Why It Was Cancelled

Due to creative reasons, production was ultimately shut down in late 2003, along with the Florida studio


It was turned into chicken little