Monster Jam: The Movie

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Monster Jam: The Movie was a planned TV movie, to be released in 2003.

One of the only on-set photos


A family of four builds a monster truck. The truck they build is Monster Mutt. When the Mutt is ready to roll, the son skillfully drives the truck via remote control. The daughter loves the truck and finds herself in the drivers seat just along for the ride. Competing on tracks throughout the country the Monster Mutt becomes very popular and is winning many races. Making it to the World Finals unforeseen remote control problems occur and the son can't use the controls to drive the truck. The daughter has to take charge of the situation and actually drive the truck at the event, ultimately winning the race.


  • Alana Austin - Unnamed daughter

Why It Was Cancelled

  • Unknown, likely due to issues between producer TAG Entertainment and then-Monster Jam owners Clear Channel Entertainment


  • Some footage was filmed and a trailer was made, however the remnants have yet to be released to the public.