Foodfight! (2002 hard drive version)

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Foodfight! was a film made by Threshold Animation Studios. It was supposed to showcase Threshold as "The next generation Pixar."[1]


The plot of Foodfight! was supposed to be like "Toy Story in a supermarket," as the plot was about a supermarket that came to life when the store closed.

Why It Was Cancelled

  1. In December 2002, the hard drive that contained the original was stolen. Threshold said it was a act of "industrial espionage", which sparked theories in recent years that the theft was committed by either Pixar or DreamWorks to snuff out a potential threat to their own films' financial viability. After the hard drives were stolen, Threshold had to start over from scratch, resulting in the movie being delayed for a decade, and the company losing most of its hard work and money. Ten years later, it was finally released in 2012.


  • The hard drives that contain 60% of the original film remain lost to this day.
  • The final project was heavily panned by critics for the "stiff, jerky, lifeless and unfinished" animation, tons of sexual innuendos, and a terrible script.