Dragonball: Evolution (the original version)

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In 2004, during the Live Action production of Dragon Ball, Ben Ramsey was hired by 20th Century Fox to modify an existing script with the simple name of Dragonball Z.


Despite the Name, the general idea was to use the Characters from the first volumes of the Manga.

Why It Was Cancelled

  • During the film's production, James Wong and the producers thought it would be a much better idea to scrap Ben Ramsey's modified script, focusing on doing a scifi and martial arts version of Sam Raimi's Spider-Man.


  • The original version of Dragonball: Evolution was permanently cancelled.
  • In 2009 a different version of Dragonball Z came out which got negative reviews from critics, audiences and fans.
    • Due to this, future sequels to Dragonball: Evolution were canceled.
  • Akira Toriyama decided to continue the story of Dragonball Z in Dragonball Super.
  • The film rights to Dragonball are now more complicated than before.
  • According to rumors, Dragonball franchise will get a live-action reboot (which may be likely since Disney acquired FOX in 2017).


Ben Ramsey's original script appeared on the Internet and many Dragon Ball fans could read it here: https://thedaoofdragonball.com/pdfs/dragonball-evolution-original-script.pdf.