Don Quixote (1941)

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Don Quixote was a proposed adaptation of the Spanish novel of the same name. It was scheduled for a release in 1941.


Alonso Quixano (or Quijano), a nearly 50 year old man lives with his housekeeper and niece. Later, he has an obsession with books that have stories of chivalry, and believes that all of the words are true, and doesn't realize that many of the events in them are clearly impossible. Quixano begins to become clumsy after reading so many books. Later, Alonso decides to become a knight, and travels with his friend Sancho Panza on a misadventure.[1]

Why It Was Cancelled

  • The cancellation reasons are currently unknown.


  • The animated film didn't come to fruition and was permanently cancelled.
  • In 2000, TNT released a live-action made for TV film starring John Lithgow as the title character and co-starred the late Bob Hoskins as Sancho Panza.