Block 13 (Gene Deitch Version)

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NOTE: This page is unofficial or even fanon.

In 1960, Terrytoons and MGM announced that the story of Kuwait-like folk tale having a 24 short films that is called “Block 13” which is been created by Gene Deitch which he remembered about cartoons, also the production joined its counterpart which the Kuwait established to Czechoslovaks after 4 years to take long to join them, in case by December 23, 1960, he said that this short film is supposed to be released in September 7, 1961.


The adventures of Abboud, Hammoud, Saloom and Azzouz takes around to their journey in Block 13, Kuwait, the friends (Sabjah, Honey, Halool and Jamool) and the teachers (Mr. Saleh and Mrs. Attiyat) where they possibly known for their adventures and their shenanigans.

Cast (in order)

  • Allen Swift as Azzouz and Abboud
  • Gene Deitch as Hammoud and Saloom
  • Kutula Zbyňková as Teacher Attiyat and Sabjah
  • Mel Blanc as Mr. Saleh, Halool, Jamool, Waheed, Honey and Tawfik


  1. Saloom and the Road Trip (1961) (finished)
  2. The School of Representatives (1961) (finished)
  3. House of Azzouz (1961) (finished)
  4. Hammoud in Space (1961) (finished)
  5. Kuwaiti Kingdom (1961) (finished)
  6. Saloom in Greece (1961) (finished)
  7. The Kids in the Church (1961) (finished)
  8. The Arabic Kit (1961) (finished)
  9. Snowed in Kuwait (1961) (finished)
  10. Airline Landing (1961) (finished)
  11. Honey from America (1961) (finished)
  12. Maths are Fun (1961) (finished)
  13. Switchin’ Azzouz and Saloom (1961) (finished)
  14. Snazzy Cookout (1961) (finished)
  15. Safari Kuwait (1961) (finished)
  16. Western Asian (1961) (unfinished)
  17. House of Abboud (1961) (unfinished)
  18. Scaredy Kid (1962) (unfinished)
  19. Symphony of School (1962) (cancelled)
  20. Saloom in the Dark (1962) (unfinished/cancelled)
  21. Attiyat Goes Nothing! (1962) (unfinished)
  22. Superhero Kid (1962) (cancelled)
  23. Christmas in America (1962) (cancelled)
  24. The Storm’s Awake! (1962) (unfinished)

Why It Was Cancelled

  1. While the production is still remaining, Gene Deitch refused to finish the first 14 shorts while it has bought with finished/cancelled short films when this happened.
  2. Due to Kuwait country not involved in the production, UPA/Terrytoons ends up not having another short film around for sudden.
  3. The Gene Deitch version of Tom & Jerry was released in September 7, 1961 during the same day as this project was cancelled.
  4. Terrytoons got shutdown in 1972.
  5. In September 8, 1961, MGM shelved the 24 short film projects while the Tom & Jerry shorts are still releasing.
  6. In 1963, Gene Dietch got fired by MGM.
  7. In 1970s, Due to Kuwait getting to the version of Sesame Street, It doesn’t know where MGM doesn’t get any.
  8. It was cancelled due to Deitch’s creatively of his projects while he tried to finish the 15 short films.


  • The short film was permanently shelved and cancelled but the 15 short films were still up.
  • It was replaced by Tom and Jerry (Gene Deitch Era).
  • In 2000, Sami Al-Khars and Al-Nazaer did the TV series instead.


  • The backgrounds, elements and sounds were used in Gene Deitch version of Tom & Jerry.
  • The lost project and short films were created by his own which was missing.
  • Most of the time, Faroouha was absent.